About Us

The Brightside Tavern in Jersey City is a place for all. We pride ourselves in our unique diversity, we celebrate everyone and every occasion big and small.

We serve the best Brunches, Lunches and Dinners. We host music, sporting events and private parties.

Brightside serves the best food in Jersey City! All our appetizers, entrees and desserts are prepared and cooked on site with pride, by our expert chefs. Served with love, our generous portions and fair prices are all part of the brightside experience.

We host a broad-spectrum of music and sporting events. From jazz Mondays to football Sundays – we meet the interests our diverse community demands.

We hardly need to mention the bar.  Brightside’s bar maintains a full selection of local, international, craft and american beers, selected wines and fine liquors. Come here for front row seats to watch the game on HUGE HD screens, take a break from the main stage, or come meet your friends and neighbors in a fun, relaxed setting.

We’re big music fans. Our event room hosts a wide range of live music events. This is the place where the community comes to participate and enjoy local and international live music. Our stage is equipped with a beautiful grand piano and drum set. And while large enough to host more than 50 guests, our room maintains an intimate vibe. There isn’t a venue like this anywhere else.

We also have plenty of room for your catered private party, fundraiser or company meeting.  We can dedicate the main dining room to your event, or host your private party in our upstairs fireside lounge. All our rooms have full-sound, full-service and are full of fun.

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